Enhancing Operations through
Engineering Services

We can help you identify opportunities and implement best practices that simplify your manufacturing, elevate production and influence operating financials. Our engineers located throughout North America apply creativity to increase yield and decrease costs within your facilities. See how we help you gain efficiencies and product quality improvements.

This is What Success Looks Like


Annual Cost Savings

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Productivity Increase

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Improved Efficiency

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Engineering And Part Consolidation Offers Long–Term Financial Impact

A commercial air conditioning manufacturer partnered with Optimas to re-engineer an electrical control box
and significantly reduce part and manufacturing costs.

Our Engineers. Your Catalysts for Change.

Software Analysis — SolidWorks
3D Design / BoltCalc Joint Design
and Testing
Part Requirements Line Walks
Fastener Analysis / Design /
Performance Simulation
Production Recommendations Document Analyses
Installation Analysis Tool & Die Drawing, Production and
BOM Analysis
Design for Manufacturing Thermoplastics, Fiber Reinforced
Part Consolidation
3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping Thermoplastics Kitting
Part Rationalization / Standardization /
Photopolymer Resins Joint Design
Cost Saving Projects Design Improvements Problem Resolution
New Product Development / Launch Increase Throughput Part Number Reduction

Engineering Solutions for Enhanced Operations

From design and inventory optimization to operational efficiency, quality planning and testing, companies trust Optimas to provide solutions that make a significant impact on their productivity and profitability.

Ensure You Have the Right Parts

Design and Support

As cold forging experts, Optimas engineers can improve new products and existing ones without sacrificing quality.

Inventory Optimization

Streamline your bill of materials and increase your speed to market with expert mechanical engineering design services.

Operational Efficiency

Enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and save labor costs by “walking the line” with a distributor that is also a manufacturer.

Quality Planning and Testing

Experienced quality engineers can address a wide range of requirements for improved product integrity, efficiencies, and performance.

Five Ways We Can Make Your Manufacturing More Efficient

Optimas operations management experts help manufacturers drive continuous improvement. Don’t just level up. Efficiency Up with Optimas Solutions.

Application Analysis

Determine the best
fastening solution
and sourcing
recommendations for the product use case. 

Installation Analysis

Identify and optimize the
best process and tools for
efficient production.

Product Design

Optimize part
development for
production and

Line Walks

Identify space,
line, cell, tool and
part improvement

Document Analysis

Part and supplier
rationalization to reduce
piece price and soft costs.

Real Results, Real Impact

Lifetime Dollar Cost Savings
Parts Eliminated
Higher Clamp Lead

You Ask. We Answer.

The key to making the right decisions is asking the right questions. Here are a few of the questions you should be asking yourself. We’ll be happy to help you find the answers.

  • How much money do I have tied up in nuts and bolts on the floor?

  • How many inventory turns am I getting for each fastener/bin stock?

  • Am I at the right min/max levels for maximum productivity?

  • What are my usage patterns and bin quantities?

  • What is my on-time delivery percentage?

  • What cost savings am I getting from my supplier?